WCV Rubber Ring

The WCV Rubber Ring keeps falling out.

  1. How do I order a replacement?

  2. Is it OK to glue the ring into the groove?

Some people have gotten replacements from Support. I am not sure if that is still a thing or if it was a limited supply or what, but if you do lose it, you can try to talk to them about it.

There are certainly people who have glued them in place. I would probably look for a more “removable adhesive” solution though just in case.

When I lost my gasket I just bought a new one on Etsy from this guy:

It fits even better than the original! It has never fallen out and the seal is even better than the original! I highly recommend it, and the seller is a really good guy. I have bought tons of stuff from him and talked with him a lot. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

He also allows people to buy the STL file for it at a cheaper cost to 3D print it themselves if they have access to a 3D printer (ie: at the library), and the right material.

So I would probably say, try to use something to make it stick in place first, but if that is too annoying or you lose it, I have been loving the replacement I bought, so that’s an option too.