WCO Timelapse frustrations - what am I doing wrong?

I have been using the WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor) for timelapse. Most things seem to work okay.

Select WCO - click more - click timelapse - set start time, duration and interval and click start.

Once it is done (either duration expires, or I end it early), I select WCO - More - Album - Time-Lapse - then click on the newest time-lapse video to view it. Apparently it has to “download” it from the WCO, but this take excruciatingly long. I mean, HOURS…and I can’t do anything else on my phone while it’s processing the timelapse video I am waiting for. If I leave the screen it pauses the whole process, and even if if I don’t do anything it frequently hangs or pauses the processing/downloading and I have to try to restart it, which frequently means pressing back to the home screen and then reconnecting to the WCO all over again. It seriously takes hours to process any of my time lapse videos which are all under 1 minute in length. We’re talking 80MB-180MB taking HOURS to download and view. What am I doing wrong? Is it seriously this difficult for everyone? I don’t remember it being this excrutiatingly painful on the V2’s when I tried it on those.

I should note that I have a strong signal on both the WCO and my phone. I use a Note 8, which is fairly high end quality. I have even even had both right next to the router when trying to get the videos and it doesn’t help (and getting over 30mbps, so, even 100MB video shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds…so hours is ridiculous).

It doesn’t matter if I set the interval for 2 seconds or 10 seconds, it’s still super slow, and pauses frequently. I seriously have to do nothing else on my phone for hours and keep restarting the download process when it frequently hangs/pauses. I’ve tried at least 6 different times and it’s all the same. Am I doing it wrong, or is WCO just that terrible? I’m not sure I can keep putting up with this…

When I do finally get it downloaded after hours of angry frustration, it’s great, but why do I have to babysit it? Has anyone found a different way to get it to work?

Lifehackster indicated in one of his wco videos that the processing time is really long.

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You’re not doing anything wrong it’s just another reason why this camera sux!!

I’ll wait on doing time lapse or scheduled recording because the processing times are horrible…

I did a 2.5 hour time lapse, 2 second interval, and it took roughly 10 minutes to download and process. It was approximately 2.5 minutes long when finished.

It took about half an hour/45 minutes to download a 2.5 hour scheduled recording (but I could never get it to actually play in the app and the downloaded files were dozens of 1 minute clips rather than 1 recording).

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I’ve scheduled several relatively short time lapse recordings. They all appear to have failed without any sort of error or notification. Waste of time.