WCO Timelapse - intermittent issue where the camera stops recording midway thru

I have 4 WCO cameras that I use for timelapse video of a home construction in a remote location without power or internet. I use 2 cameras at a time, in timelapse mode recording every 5 minutes for 14 days. To save battery life, everything else is turned off - night vision, motion detection, and notifications, and in this low-battery-use mode, I experience that the battery lasts somewhere around 14 days. After two weeks, I swap out these 2 cameras with the other two that are freshly charged and setup for the next timelapse.

My issue is that one of the two cameras stops recording after a few days while the other camera records for the entire 14 day period. The camera that stops recording earlier than it should still has 50% to 75% battery life while the other camera with the successful recording is nearly drained. Sometimes, both cameras fail to record the entire time and on rare occasions both work the way that they should.

All cameras have their firmware routinely updated - currently at 4.171.52.

I’ve tried setting them up in Travel Mode, and also while connected to the base station. Still, the problem persists. I’ve also forced forced closed the app, logged out and back in, and power cycled these cameras, but nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions?