WCO time-lapse, battery and travel mode recording questions

  1. What happens if the WCO(with sd card) battery dies during recording of a time-lapse video?
    [I don’t see anything in the album.]

  2. Does the battery drain faster or slower during time-lapse recording if it is in travel mode?

  3. What happens if I exit travel mode while away from the base station after using it to set up a time-lapse recording? Will it still record?

  4. Can I set a time-lapse while connected to the base station, then bring the camera outside of range to record it?

Thanks for any and all help.

I can answer #2. The battery drains quickly if you leave the cam in travel mode while recording a time lapse video. I typically launch travel mode, frame my shot, set and save my time lapse parameters, then exit travel mode (you get a message saying that your video will be saved). So my advice is exit travel mode after setting up your time lapse.

I can answer #4. Yes.
I’ve also set a time lapse and then turned off the base. Each time I’ve been able to access the video from the MicroSD card; however, I have observed that once the time lapse is over and I bring the camera within range and have the base turned on, the video may not alway show up in the Album on the App. I’ve had to remove the MicroSD card and use my PC to read the video from the card.