WCO battery life after firmware update

After updating the firmware and charging the camera the battery died after 4 days. There were no other changes to the setting that I had before the update. Any ideas or suggestions as to what the cause might be and a solution? Too much trouble to climb a ladder every4-5 days to charge the camera.

I’ve noticed the same thing but mine are only lasting 1 day. I have 3 WCO’s but only use 2 and rotate the 3rd one in when one of the 2 needs a recharge. I’ve noticed on both WCO’s that the battery goes to zero in about 1 day now and its totally unacceptable. What is going on here WYZE?

If you want to stay off the ladder revert back to the previous firmware 4.17.001 and base until they figure out a fix for that new firmware release. I am using the previous version and all my cams are fine.

Thanks for the info. I’ll try to go back to the older version.

It is easy to do, just open the cam on the app. go to settings, device info, click on firmware arrow go down to have problems written in green , tap that and it will show other versions. You have to do that for each cam then the base.

Thanks. I was just going to look up how to go back so you must have read my mind.

Check out Antonius’ post. I’m trying it now. I’ll let you know how it works.

Yes, there’s a huge power usage bug in the latest firmware. One of the mod’s mentioned in another post that they’re in beta for a hotfix. Reverting back to the previous firmware (I only did the WCO, not the base station) via the app solved the issue for me.

Thanks for the info. I have three and the batteries on all of them went from lasting about 3 week to completely dead in under 48 hours will revert the firmware…

Went back to previous version yesterday and so far so good.

I didn’t update to the new Firmware yet. I am still on We put a camera fresh off the charger outside about 6 hours ago and it’s already under 50%. Seriously what a waste of money these cameras are.

I am not experiencing a battery issue with my WCO. Here are my Versions. Note, I am a Beta Tester as I want to know what is coming.

App Version: 2.17.31
OS: Android 11. Note: Ran the ADB Command to turn Doze mode off
V3 FW:
V2 FW:
WCO Base FW:
WCO Base Plugin:

I have a WCO which I have charged about 5 or 6 weeks ago, it is currently down to 90%. The Temp. here has been Low 20’s in the evening and low 30’s during the day.

I know there was a reported bug and that the next release would fix it. I have the beta and I can tell you that I have not experienced the Battery drain like others have reported. Might be worth installing the beta to see if that takes care of your issue.

A side benefit, I was not getting notifications on my WCO’s for a short period of time. Last night I received 4 person detentions, correctly. So These updates may help with that, if you are experiencing notification issues.

My problem seems to be fixed with the firmware update. Its back to normal now.

Just updated yesterday so I’ll have to wait and see.