Outdoor Cam Losing Power Fast after Firmware update

After the firmware update, battery went from 82% to 40%. Recharged it to 100%, was down to 60% within an hour. Recharged it to 100%, down to 20% in less than 24 hours. I have not changed any settings. The only change was the firmware updates to the camera and base station. Anyone else having this problem?

Seems other folks had this problem. My advice change back to the previous version of firmware.I believe Wyze is doing a Beta test for that issue right now for a fix.
Here is a similar post.

One of my WCOs had the same problem. I am keeping it inside now, out of the cold. The replacement is outside, losing 4% a day like the original used to. My situation was as the weather gets colder, the consumption rate increased.

The original battery can no longer handle cold weather. I am hoping the replacement can return to below 2% a say after the weather warms up.

Either way, it seems the batteries are not sufficient enough to allow the cameras to operate as expected.

Unless they are covering an area that usually has little to no motion, the battery can not last 90 days.

Their latest attempts to limit generating motion clips, if there is less than 5 or 6 seconds of motion, is one sign that the WCOs are not going to provide reliable surveillance. Also, the returned clips only contain motion from beyond the 5-6 second window. The wake up logic has been stifled.

Thank you, good advice.

They have removed the new version of firmware that you have from further download until they get it fixed. Just go back and change it to 4.17.001 cam and BASE.

Thank you! That helped!