Outdoor Cam Battery Drop Off at 50%

I have two Outdoor Cams that were both above 50% yesterday and this morning I got a low battery warning. One was down to 7% and the other down to 4%. I replaced one of these cameras because it would completely die once it reached 70-80% battery life. There are no excess event recordings. One camera had only 10 events between yesterday and today the other Cam had zero events.

Has anyone else experience this?

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Yes, Seeing something similar. Also have two outdoor cams. Both suddenly were out of battery simultaneously last week which was strange but possible. Recharged both. One was at 0% earlier this week. The other 0% this morning. Going to be keeping an eye on their charge status. Something strange is going on.

I’m also having another issue. The camera’s stop charging. I look at the app and they are at 100%. If I powercycle the cameras and unplug/plug the charger back in they start charging again. Then app then shows they are at 93% an 96%.

Perhaps this has been addressed in a BETA firmware update released yesterday (2/3). Reference this thread over in the Beta category. @auldnik

Thanks. One of the cams have full bars while the other has 2 bars. One is about 25ft away and the other about 40-50ft.

I agree. The battery indicator is not accurate / reliable. The battery level will gradually show a level reduction each day and then, once it hits 45% - 50%, it suddenly shows 10% or less. And, there are very few motion events for this camera. I was hoping I could be away from home on extended trips and count on the camera staying active for at least 2 months without having to be recharged, but the way it is working now, if I’m away 6-7 weeks I think the camera will be dead by the time I return home.

This was caused by the latest firmware! I had it too. Revert back to the firmware before and it wont discharge 20% an hour. Many people have seen this. it is the detection zones added in the last update. They caused the issue.

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How do you revert back?

(Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware Released - 2/10/21) (February 10, 2021)

  • Fixed a bug that caused Cam Plus Events to not detect people properly
  • Fixed a bug that caused accelerated battery drain with weak WiFi signal

Fingers crossed this firmware works. One of my cameras have full bars but the battery drained. So a weak Wifi signal isn’t to blame.

So far so good, Sitting at 4-5 days and one camera is showing 100% still and the other 97%.

Well that was short lived. Checked the camera’s this morning and both went from 90+% down to 30+%.

These camera’s are junk.

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I’m not having the same experiences that you all are having. One of my WCO’s is at 88% after 7 weeks or more of use. My other is at 36% after 3 weeks of use. 3 weeks ago it was at 54%.

I will say that my signal strength between the Camera and Base is full signal (3 bars). So it could be a signal strength issue if yours is less.

Here are my versions related to camera’s. Note that I am also a Beta Tester so my versions may be a little different.

  • App Version: 2.17.31
  • OS: Android 11. Note: Ran the ADB Command to turn Doze mode off
  • V3 FW:
  • V2 FW:
  • WCO FW:
  • WCO Base FW:
  • WCO Base Plugin:
  • CamPlus subscriber

I’m currently going through the same issues with one of the first cameras we received it goes to about 80% and then it dies

I recently purchased a refurbished Outdoor cam and am having similar issues with the battery - it was at 61% and then suddenly died. I have the latest firmware installed. I tried everything and finally decided to charge it and it showed only 28% after one hour. Then after 2 hours 40%. Does anyone know if Wyze is looking into this issue?

I charged my Outdoor Cam to 100% on Wednesday and noticed it was completely dead last night. I see a lot of event recordings on Thursday and Friday, but shouldn’t the battery last longer than 2 1/2 days?
Granted, I have had this since July 2020, so maybe it has served it’s time.