WOC battery life issue

I’ve had my WOC installed for less than 48hrs at stock settings and my battery is already showing 92% battery life. I live on a low activity street, cut back my tree branches. There’s no way I see this thing lasting 3-6 weeks let alone 3-6 months. Is anyone else having this issue?

My WCO used about 9% the first day but I was playing with it an awful lot. Each of the next five days it’s used about three or three and a half percent while capturing about 40 or 50 events in HD mode.

After one week of running it in the motion detection mode and getting ~8 - 19 Events/day,
the battery was down to 81% after 1 week. So at that setting, it should go 4-5 weeks, wildly short of the months that I expected. Today I ran a little timelapse experiment. I set a 1:30 hr recording at 5 sec. intervals. At the end of 1 ½ hours, the battery dropped from 81% to 60%