WCO new Firmware

So does the new firmware for the outdoor cam and base work or is it hit and miss as usual?. Cam,base I am tired of clicking the circle that says “don’t ask me again” every time I open a cam on the app. I am also tired of changing firmware versions, walking around the outside of the house to see if I can get an event recording and a push notification then find out I can’t get one or the other then have to go through the process of changing the firmware back and checking the cams again. So does it work without issues or not??? I currently have no problems or issues using and

The latest firmware for the base and cams have been working great for me. I did have an issue with just the base firmware, but that issue was resolved once they released the cam firmware a few days later. Please know I use the Android app. I have two WCO that both have 2 bars of signal strength when I open the base. It has been below zero degrees F here for the past 10 days, tomorrow will make 11. Both cams are about 70% charged and haven’t been recharged for about 3 weeks.

Thanks for the reply, if I get brave and have time later I will try it out. I’m using iOS and have not had any battery problems or any other problems.

I am on the latest WCO firmware and Base FW, which is 4.16,1.13. For me, it has been solid. My Battery life is holding and not draining like others have posted. I also received 4 Person alerts after Midnight this morning in my side yard. They were spot on as my neighbor was out looking at his Heat Pump.

So for me, it has been solid. ? is that a Beta?. I don’t even see it listed.

It is Beta. Did you join to be a Beta Tester? I did to see what is coming and to test items before it made it to the mainstream. Testing is optional.

No thanks :relaxed:

I don’t blame you. There have been some which didn’t work. then we have to go back to a previous FW.

But what I am testing seems to be working well. Like I said, I got 4 Person alerts from the WCO.

That’s great. Now if they can get the AI to work on the V3 I will be happy. I get people alerts, but no cars or trucks unless I turn on all other motion events.

I actually turned off the Vehicle notification as I was notified alot. It would detect motion somewhere, send it for interrogation, it would see my car in the driveway and alert that a vehicle was detected. I will test the Vehicle on my Driveway cam as a lot of cars go up and down out block. I will try to get to it today sometime. Curious if we will have different experiences.

Just to compare, my FW on the V3 is is that the same as yours? if not, that would explain my experience some. :slight_smile:

My V3 is I have event recordings that say vehicle, driveway, it my truck sitting parked there and not moving, ha!!!

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LOL – same. I was told it has to do with Motion anywhere. Once motion is detected the AI looks at the entire feed and not just where the motion was spotted. Therefore you get notified of a vehicle, even if a bug set it off. But the difference is that I get notified as well. But I will confirm. If I do, maybe the Beta version fixed it or they did something on the AI Servers.

I get no notifications unless I turn on all other motion events which makes my events page on my phone look like a spinning wheel on a slot machine there are so many.

Interesting. I will let you know what I find.

I’m going to change the firmware on my 4 WCO later and post if it works.

Looking forward to it.

Please know I am not a beta user and only use released firmware. The latest released firmware for the WCO and the baser is rock solid from where I sit.

I changed the firmware on the 4 cams and the base and tested it out by walking around in the area of each cam for about 1 min… All seems to be working good right now. I got the event recordings and push notifications for all 4 cams.

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That’s good news.

Yes better than the last time I tried an upgrade of firmware.