WCO battery won't hold a charge. No response from support

I set up my first WCO on Aug. 1. Other than not always detecting and recording motion, it’s been working OK. Last week, it started indicating that the battery was at 100% even though I hadn’t charged it again, when it had been around 40%. A couple of days later, I got a low battery notification just before it died. Now, it won’t even hold a charge for a full day. I opened a ticket last week when the battery level started showing 100%. I still haven’t heard back from support.

@WyzeGwendolyn, what has happened to your support? I used to get a response back within a few hours, a day at the most. I think you guys need to slow down the new product releases until you can properly support the products you already have again.


Sorry you are having issues, both with the device and Support. First off, be sure you are using an acceptable charger- 5 volt/2amp or the USB port on the base station. Also , try Power Cycling your cam
Please also post back your open Support ticket number.
Live Support is also available
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Hi @tomp. I actually have 2 tickets, 761201 and 766030. I charged the WCO using the USB port on the base station. I’ve also tried it with an Anker phone charger. Using either one, the charge didn’t last 1 day. I’ve cycled the power multiple times.

I’m sorry for my delay and am also working to catch up. We apologize for the difficulty you’ve had!

I checked on your tickets and saw that you were issued a return label earlier so I won’t take further action on this one.

Thanks, @WyzeGwendolyn. Yes, there’s a replacement camera on the way.

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I just noticed this behavior today. It was at 60% charge on Monday but today it is dead. It charged to 20% and now the light on the back is off and it won’t charge and says it’s at 0%. I’ve used three different USB cords and two different power bricks. I am trying a 3rd way to charge but am not hopeful. I sense a ticket coming up. :slight_smile: