WCO Resolution Issue

Anyone else having this issue?
I have 2 Battery Operated WCO Cameras. Both Cams are no further than 30 feet from the base station. If I dont group them & set the Live View Resolution to HD. It will maintain that HD Setting Everytime I open the Liveview on both of the cameras.
Once I group them. (I am aware that the group view is a lower resolution) I then open the individual cameras and the resolution is 360 P. I
Set to Hd and it works fine untill the next time I open it & its back to 360 P. This is not something that just started, it has worked this way as far as I can remember.

This has been an issue for a long time, but I wasn’t sure if it was widespread. I guess it is.

Wyze recently redid the grouped camera UI, so I will have to pay attention if it’s doing this still on the new UI. If so, I can try to escalate this.

Could you let me know your app version, and also get an app log in account > Wyze support. Post the log number here. Thanks!


I noticed this issue also. It’s limited to the current and past few versions of the iOS app (Android not affected). I’m not sure if the resolution setting on screen incorrectly defaults or if it actually downscales the cam. I’ll run a quick test in a few minutes…

Looks like an iOS app issue where the app uses the default 360p until the user settings are applied from the cloud. Something causes the app to fail to retrieve the user’s resolution setting from the cloud and the default setting becomes persistent when you end the streaming session. I.e., once you hit the bug, the setting remains stuck on 360p (until you change it back to HD or SD).


App Version: Log# 889355

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Not sure when this was fixed but I just noticed it stays on HD or whatever it’s set to now!