WCO not able to record all cams simultaneously? I've been SKUNKED!

My WCOs have not every really performed up to expectations and since I didn’t really have them in critical locations, I ignored their numerous faults (Wyze first adopter no more).

Recently, I’ve been trying to trap and relocate a skunk on our property, so I took three of the WCOs and aimed them all at the trap. One is on the ground, the other two are on a four foot wall, fore and back of the trap about seven feet apart. So they all have close to same view of the ground around the trap. The cameras never record the skunks motion simultaneously. Never 3/3 almost never 2/3 and almost exclusively only one recording randomly from one of the cameras. Note they all have CamPlus subscriptions. Which also isn’t working properly, but that’s a whole other CamPlus issue Wyze CS hasn’t resolved for me.

Perhaps the WCO Base Station can’t record simultaneous streams from multiple cameras?

Wyze CS had me manually reflash all 4 WCOs and Base to no avail (they also had me send logs) and actually WCO 4 is now recording 20-40 7-second videos from one motion event (even with CamPlus).

Since I was a first adopter of WCO perhaps they’ve improved later versions and this is a situation like my PanCam and my Watch44?

I asked Wyze CS for a refund, store credit or RMA for new HW, but they’ve gone silent (again).

What are your cameras sensitivity and detection settings at? Able to provide photos of the setups? I would for troubleshooting have your settings set to max sensitivity and distance, and once this is working we can back them off later.

I would also watch this video, then test your cameras to see if they act the same, and we can go from there.

The Sensitivity and Distance are both 100%. I’ve tried various combinations but it doesn’t resolve the issues. Note the video does not explain the action of the Distance slider and how to set it for various scenarios.
Event Recording is set to No Cooldown and 5-minute recording.
All 4 notification sliders are “on”.

My Driveway WCO (with CamPlus) took 28 7-second video events this morning from 5:40 to 5:47am as I briefly rolled past the camera for my bike ride. When I returned up the driveway and then rolled out the garbage can, it too 63 7-second videos.

It captures me in the first video leaving for the ride but completely misses capturing me on the return back up the driveway.

The trigger time on these WCOs must be 2 seconds as they miss A LOT of events or don’t capture the actual motion at the start of an event.

The WCO’s simply don’t work, not to their published claims or in actual customer deployment (especially with CamPlus activated). That’s 3 duds Wyze has stuck me with: WCO, PanCam and Watch44. The only item that works well most of the time is the Robot Vacuum.

I’ve lost faith in Wyze and won’t be purchasing further product experiments.