Water Supply Valve Shutoff Ideas

My idea is a whole house main water shutoff. It would be really nice to have solenoid that water can be shutoff from the app. To take it to the next step would then be a water flow meter that in an event of a leak, it would shut the solenoid valve to the whole house. This could be a timed flow for accuracy.

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These are currently available at $300 - $400 so I would think Wyze’s engineering could make a great very profitable product and still save customers a ton of $$$$


I’ve done research and there are water shut offs available but not a simplified set up that would automatically shut down a water main or water valve automatically once water leak detected. Everything out there is very clunky or may need professionals to set up or are very expensive. I feel WYZE can problem solve this like other company’s can’t. Thanks

There are several competitors whom have water main shut off valves controlled via the app! I would like to see Wyze come out with the same thing. I work away from home and have a camp that I would love to be able to control the water valves when I leave if I forget.


Saw your sprinkler system, do you offer a WIFI whole house water cutoff valve? Say, I am out of town and want to cutoff my water at my house. Do you offer a WIFI water cutoff valve?

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So I recently installed a GE water softener that has a leak detector on it that montiors water usage and sends a notification to my phone if it senses lo, medium or high water usage. This i a great tool because the amount of water that is lost from a leaky toilet is insane. to put it in perspective, my wife didn’t realize tha tthe flush valve was stuck open and left the house for the day. No one noticed that the toilet was left running. most toilets flush around 2 to 3 gallons per minute or more so in a an hour 90 gallons are lost and in 24 hours well over 2000 gallons of water is lost. the average daily consumption in my household is less than 50 gallons so that is a complete waste of money and more importantly a waste of clean water. There are companies that sell auto shut off leak detectors but they are expensive and not very technological. I think Wyze could make a better one. And the incentive to make a really good one is that if done right, most insurance companies will give a discount to your homeowners policy. So from an economical perspective and an environmental perspective I’d love to see Wyze tackle this project.

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i would like to see a product like the Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff

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Water leak detection

water leak detection device to notify you if you have a large or small water leak from a burst pipe, left on garden hose, stuck open sprinkler valve, etc

This is a great idea. Last weekend, I was notified that I had a leak in my basement from a leak sensor, I received the notification on my wyze watch…nice. I absolutely need one of these devices to turn off the main water supply, and I would love for it to be a Wyze product so that I could have a rule that if a leak is detected, turn the water off. I see that there are many versions out there any where from 30-300$…I will get one of these, but I would like to incorporate this into my Wyze ecosystem. I have a bunch of Wyze products and they all work flawlessly. Thanks,

I have this setup for my RV.

I have a NC (normally closed) valve connected between my water line and the trailer. I also have another, of the same valve, attached at the low point drain.

U.S. Solid 3/4" Motorized Ball Valve 85-265V AC Stainless Steel Electrical Ball Valve, 2 Wire Auto Return Setup Normally Closed Amazon.com

I use a Wyze Outdoor Plug to control the power of each. I have the Wyze Home Monitoring setup with leak sensors at all potential leak points.

In the rules, I have it set so that if a leak sensor triggers, the incoming water valve is closed and the low point drain valve is opened for one minute, to relieve pressure.

This setup will also close the water valve during a power outage, but will reopen the valve when power comes back on, since the Outdoor Plug remembers the state.

FYI, this setup has already saved my trailer once when a connection under the kitchen sink loosened up.

That is an awesome idea. I ended up buying a $35 wifi shut-off actuator, but really hate that I cannot use the Wyze rules to control it like you did. I have never had a problem with anything Wyze, and those leak sensors have saved my bacon a couple of times.

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Great thinking! Loving the idea considering the cost of Smart Valve Shutoffs! Bookmarking your post. Now you have me looking for a motorized ball valve with feedback indicators! :thinking: So many possibilities with this idea! Thanks for sharing!

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Stop Water Waste Due to Leaky Fixtures and Minimize Water Damage Due to Burst Pipes

Water is essential to every life. According to published reports by the EPA and Insurance companies, millions of gallons of water is being wasted due to leaky fixtures and millions of dollars are spent in repairs of property damage due to burst pipes and fixtures.

There are many products in market to address the damage caused by bursting pipes. These products are very expensive ($1000 or more) and they do not address the water waste issue. Some of the commercially available products either notify you of leak and some will actually turn the water off if leak is detected or suspected by turning a motorized valve installed in the water supply line off.

My innovative solution addresses both issues at a significantly lower cost, perhaps under couple hundred dollars.

Parts Needed:

Leak sensors with ability to work with Device Trigger Rule

Motion sensors (they already be use with Device Trigger Rule)

One N/O (normally open) motorized valve approved for drinking water usage

One N/C (normally close) motorized valve approved fro drinking water usage

One Wyze outdoor smart plug with two sockets

The device set up is as follows:

Water in ——> N/O ——>N/C——> water supply to home

N/O valve is plugged into socket 1 of the outdoor plug

N/C valve is plugged into socket 2 of the outdoor plug

Socket 1 is energized when device rule triggers it to energize when leak sensor detects leak which will in turn close the valve. This is stop the water flow preventing damage.

Socket 2 is energized when device rule triggers it to energize whenever motion is detected which in turn open the valve. This will provide wate to the house. Using the rule set up choose how long you wish that valve to stay open.

There is no such device in market. This is a patentable proposal from me as an inventor.

Pasted Graphic.png

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@Jitu. This is a very clever setup. And it is one that can be done with hardware readily available from many suppliers (the valves). The Wyze gear you mentioned is also available to put it together.

A couple concerns come to mind though. Unless you are plugging the Wyze Plug Outdoor into a backup power supply, the house has no water supply with the NC Valve deenergized permanently in the event of a power outage. This might be troublesome during a long outage. Likewise, the Sense Hub has no capability of communicating its sensor motion detected to the server to initiate the rule to energize the NC valve to open unless the router, ISP Modem, and Hub are also plugged into a UPS and the internet is still up. Lastly, in the event of a WiFi Router failure, ISP Modem failure, ISP internet failure, or AWS \ Wyze Server outage, the motion rule to energize and open the NC Valve to supply water to the house would be unsuccessful. The server and the NC valve would be inaccessible from the App and Hub to energize it to open.

In any of these circumstances, a manual bypass circuit and valve would need to be installed and accessible to restore water to the house. Or, with a backup power supply, the Wyze Plug would need to be switched on manually.

Good points but no worries. Each valve can be manually opened or closed within minutes. No tools needed.

The only thing we need is a Wyze Sense Leak Sensor that can be used as a Device Trigger in Rules. Then, we have all what is needed to accomplish these goals.

Thanks for taking time.


Perhaps no worries for you. However all my main water supply lines are below the house in the crawl space behind all the HVAC ducts. Suiting up for the 20 minute low crawl slithering around on my belly navigating the maze of ductwork and support piers to turn a valve is worrisome.

I have 4 of them that have been deployed for the last year or so and trigger rules for lights, plugs, and indoor sirens when they trigger. They are also monitored thru my HMS by the Professional Monitoring Service, Noonlight, so that in addition to the house alerting me and the app alerting me by Push Notification, I get a SMS text message and a person calls me from Noonlight.

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Thank you for sharing. Every house will have unique situation. Obviously, it should be installed where easily accessible and has access to an electrical service.

Wyze told me today that Wyze Sense Leak Sensors can not energize a socket on smart plug thru Device Trigger setting when creating the Rule.


Do you have a Ticket Number that Customer Support issued you when you contacted them. I can submit this to Wyze so that Customer Support can be retrained. They gave you incorrect information.

Here is my Wyze Rule that turns on a Wyze Plug that has an internal Siren plugged into it. Works flawlessly. Check out this thread for confirmation from others. :+1:

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+1 :+1: I have 9 Leak Sensors all with Rule/Triggers that activate Wyze Plugs, cam sirens, lights, etc.

Definitely need a ticket number so we can get the Customer Support response corrected.


For your situation, to make manually switching on power easier, you can use the low voltage version of the valves I mentioned, along with

100FT 22 AWG Gauge Wire/Cable RVV 4 Conductor Bare Copper for Video Intercom Cable/Video Door Phone Wire/Alarm Security Burglar Cable Wire,Extension Cord/Lines,Black Outer Jacket https://a.co/d/8oocjhl

to run power to both valves and use 12v adapters with

[UL Listed] Miady Short Power Extension Cord Outlet Saver, 16AWG/13A, 3 Prong (4 Pack, Black, 8 Inch) https://a.co/d/dJUOZu6

extensions to the outdoor plug, since two standard 12v adapters probably won’t fit. You could run the wire to a convenient location to connect the outdoor plug to power.

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