Product Request - water leak detector and water shutoff

Every smart home could use one or more water leak detectors, myself could use 3. Along with that is a master water shut off that could be used as a companion produce. The shutoff is available but at big bucks. Wyze could design a very profitable product and save consumers big bucks Moen’s Flo = $399, Leaksmart = $289


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I seen somewhere someone 3d printed a case for wyze sensors and a sponge to works as a water leak detection. I think it was on instructables.


I hadn’t seen, thanks!

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

A water sensor for houses that have sump pumps would be fantastic. You never know when your sump pump is going to die and it would be nice to know before the sump over flows.

Need something to replace Flume2. Whole house detection at the street meter itself.