Watching Events is Frustrating with IOS update

I am frustrated. I switched to Wyze last month and have been so much happier with Wyze than my last system. My phone updated the app over night and now watching events is painful. I watch on average 500 events a day. I always watch the previous days events (today is July 8th so I watch July 7ths events). I always start from 12 AM and work my way to 11:59 PM. Thus, I have to scroll to the bottom. NOW, if I am watching a video and go back to the event list of all 500 videos it takes me directly to the top and I have to reload all 500 videos to get back to 12 AM.


@WyzeBaohua it’s been happening since 2.43.0 (9). I use 2.43.0 (5) and this issue is not there.

Hi! So I have 2.43.0(12) right now. Is there a away to “downgrade”? Sorry I am not much of a tech when it comes to nitty gritty things and terminology!

In TestFlight:

Ok. That was really cool. :exploding_head::scream: thank you so much!

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This is happening to me as well :-1:t3:

Same here, extremely frustrating.

Solved with the last update.

I am also happy the scrolling issue was fixed. Wyze Team did say the IOS App bug where pressing the Playback Button taking to near the end of the current day’s timeline will be fixed in a future App release.

I don’t see this issue on my side. Can you show a screenshot of the problem?

Hard to screenshot, because if I am viewing a Cloud event video from yesterday and click the Playback button to go to that portion of the SD card, I am taken to near the current day timeline.

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OK, I just reproduced it.:+1:

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