Review early-day videos requires excessive scrolling

If I go back in my cam plus and see a previous day it’ll have all of the night time movement at the top and if I want to see earlier in the day I have to swipe up to scroll it down and then refresh and then swipe up again and scroll it down and refresh and then swipe up again and scroll it down and refresh and once I finally get down to like early afternoon for instance I’ll watch one video and then click back and it immediately refreshes back to the top and so then I have to scroll it down and it’s just a just a pain to watch two consecutive clips…


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This is a known issue that has been reported to Wyze. If you would like to add a post, you can do that in the latest App Release threads if your app is up to date on those versions:



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Same thing happens to me. It’s an inefficient, irritating, pain in the rear.

A month later and I’m still having the sane issues as above. I just did an update and this issue is still there

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This issue has been fixed in Android App I personally tested it and confirmed that after viewing an event and selecting the back carrot or using the Android Back Gesture, the app returns to the event list where it was previously left. Even if I scroll laterally thru the videos while in the Event Player UI, the app will still return to the place where I left the Event List to originally launch the Event Viewer UI.

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I tried mine this morning. Mine didn’t work like that.

Please post your App Version, OS Version, Device make and model.

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Yes we would be very interested to see if the issues you’re having as they haven’t been widely reported might be tied to other things.

I’m also running the same Android version as slabslayer and not seeing the behavior you are saying.

I have Samsung Fold 3.
Android version 13
Wyze app

That isn’t the most up to date version…

Perhaps updating your app to the version with the fix will correct the issue.

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