Viewing Camera Clips On Samsung Tablett

I have five WYZE cameras that I view clips on daily and have been doing this now for almost a year.
Recently, when viewing a current clip and exiting out of that clip, the record of clips goes back to the beginning of the day causing me to have to scroll through a bunch of past segments to view other more recent ones. I’m thinks a minor adjustment can be made to allow me to view more current clips after exiting. I’ve checked in settings and other places but can’t seem to located where to make the adjustment.
This problem just started.
Thanks, Jim Evans

Jim, this is something that started to happen with the 2.44 App Update. It isn’t your settings.

It has been reported to Wyze and they are aware of it. We have been assured that they are working to correct the issue for the next app release. It has been reported as an issue in the 2.45 Beta App thread so the Devs are working on it for 2.45.

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Thanks so much for getting back to me regarding this. I assume when resolved, it will go back to how it was.
Regards, Jim Evans

Everyone is hoping that is soon. Many have reported it as a major PIA. If it isn’t fixed in the next Beta testing round, I am sure it will be reported again. It should resolve itself after the App update that contains the fix. Here is to hoping it is in 2.45. :crossed_fingers:

A Few Weeks Ago I mentioned Problem With Having To Scrool Back After Every Viewing

I mentioned this a few weeks ago and was expecting an update to get it corrected.
One has to go back to present view after viewing older views. I thought this was going to get corrected
with an update!

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This particular bug was fixed and confirmed in App update version 2.45

Have you updated your app?

Thanks for that info.

I used to get notices when viewing my cameras offering updates, all of which I implemented. Have not seen one of these for some time.
How do I update?
Thanks for your help.
My problem HAS NOT been resolved. Still have to scroll back to most recent views when looking back at historical ones.
Regards, Jim Evans

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That would be in app notifications for Firmware Updates. If you have your in app notifications on, you should still get those.

Your OS App Store settings for App Update notifications is where you would look if you aren’t being notified of new App Updates available. The Wyze App is updated thru the App Stores.