Watch 47 Not Charging

I received my watch a few days ago. Great for the price! Went to charge for the first time (the charger worked when I hooked it up right out of the box) and the watch is not charging. I connected it at 14%, it is now at 0%. I cleaned the contacts on both the charger and the watch. I also tried 3 different charging blocks. I’m hoping maybe just the cable.

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Also have the same issue on the 2 watches I purchased, Watch will display that it is charging but the battery charge % will not increase. Have restarted the watches and still neither will charge

OK one of my watches now charges, for the one that wont I discovered I can get it to charge by squeezing the charge cord and the watch face - this works on both of the charge cords and so it indicates a problem with the watch

So now again my watch won’t charge, the entire rear black section that contains the charge connections and the sensors is loose - it can be pressed about 1mm further back into the body of the watch, it appears the clue/seal has failed. I can charge the watch by pressing this rear section back into the watch but that’s super inconvenient and I suspect the watch is now much more susceptible to damage via sweat/water/dust.

As the watch is out of warranty fixed it with some gorilla glue and a clamp to keep it together while the glue dried.

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I have noticed recently that our watch has not been charging well. After repeated cleaning, we discovered that our cable was no longer working. We used a multi-meter to verify no voltage over the pogo pins. We then also verified that the watch still worked and charged by sacrificing a cheap USB cable, stripping one end and manually touching the bare wires to the charging pads on the watch. The watch will display it charging if it is still capable.

If you do this, verify polarity with your multi-meter so you don’t get the wires reversed on the watch. You may not get any voltage across the pads, but if the face is on, it will tell you polarity by showing a negative sign if you have the positive and negative flipped.
If this is the problem, Wyze currently has replacement charge cables for $2. Its a quick and cheap check to keep tech alive and out of the landfill.