Both Original Wyze 47mm Watches Dead

Very disappointed that two of our 47mm watches have died. My wife wears her watch religiously and as for me, not so much. She told me after her walk, that her watch had died and told me she couldn’t get it to charge. I took a look at the watch and tried another charging plug and agreed, the watch wouldn’t charge. I said, that’s OK, you can have my Wyze 47mm watch as I don’t use it that much. Much to my dismay, this watch wouldn’t charge either. So here I am with two Wyze 47mm watches, both broken. I do realize the price point of these watches won’t break the bank, but come on, two at the same time!!!

Perhaps it is Un-Wise to purchase another…

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I have had an issue in the past where the watch seemed dead. If you hold the button for a period of time 10-30 seconds, it reset and all was good again. Have you tried that?

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Upon attempting to charge the watch, it starts getting warm, but never powers on even after performing a reset like you have described.

I would reach out to support and see what they say…

Here is the link to the support site - I provided the phone call number as it is sometimes beneficial to speak with someone.

What would be an expected lifetime of such a device?

Not sure of the expected lifetime. I have had mine since they first came out and have not experienced any issue with it.