Wyze 47 Watch charging cable SMOKED!

First time I went to charge the watch and it illuminated the watch face, so I figured it was charging. I decided to check the progress a few minutes later and the USB connector was hot. I pulled it out and it smelled of electrical burnt odor and the watch no longer will charge with the cable.

Kind of scary! The watch still works, but not for long with only 13% remaining.

Anyone else experience a FRIED Wyze Watch cable thermal event?

Have you contacted Support about this yet? what charging brick were you using? Where on the cable smells? at the end where it connects to the watch or the USB end where it was hot? Any damage to the cable that you can see? I can escalate this up and see what info we can get you about it. I know Wyze takes these “thermal events” pretty seriously. Thanks in advance!


Smell is at the USB end only.
Looking into the USB connector, it’s black. Not sure what color it is supposed to be. For example, a USB 3.0 is blue for reference and I normally see USB 2.0 are white.
It was plugges into a Kmashi 4-port wall charger I’ve been using for 5-years. Still being shown on Amazon with Zero thermal events reported and no issues I’ve experienced.
Wyze Ticket 1145608 Has been assigned.

Thank you for posting the ticket number! We apologize for this alarming event and I’ll escalate it for the team. We appreciate you letting us know!