The new WYZE Watch we ordered had the charging cable melt already after a month

We had the charging connecter melt after about a month of use. Be aware of this folks. It melted good on the watch end. The cable being a VERY short one and only USB A that is surprising. This is becoming a more common issue I can see on here. Love the watch over the little Samsung Fit Band I had before. Now we are at 33% and will see how long it goes … Wish it had a USB C charger since USB A is going away now … BEWARE FOLKS.

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To be fair this has happened with iPhone and Android products as well. Connectors fail, especially cheap Chinese made ones. And while wireless charging isn’t really efficient, at least nothing can wear out using them and why everything that needs to be charged should have wireless charging.

Often what will happen though is a failure will occur at the plug that goes into the device. It’s always better to plug that end first, then the other end to power, so no sparking happens at the device end causing heat.