Watch 44 Charging Connectors Problem

I am wondering if anyone else is still having this problem. The charging dots on my Wyze Watch 44 seem to be rusting or corroding or something. It happened with my first one and they replaced it. 5 weeks later it is happening again. I don’t wear it in the shower. I sleep with it at night. I am a stay at home dad, so I do sweat and do housework in it.

I just emailed support again but this is kind of crazy.

This happened to my replacement watch 44, too. They should replace them with a watch 47 as it has outer contacts that are coated. I tried to contact them several times, but can’t get any response. This is not right!

They are replacing mine with a 47. She said they don’t have any 44s in stock.

Thanks, I’ll have to try to contact them again. Glad they are making things right for you.