Wyze watch 44 exploded

My wifes watch exploded and is leaking battery acid it appears…no wonder the 44 is off the site…


Was this on the charger when this happened? Could you explain where and how the watch was being used when this happened? Have you contacted Support yet? I have sent this info on.


No idea she just came and told me “how is this supposed to charge if the connector was raised up” and I took a look and seen this swelled up. She wares it all the time for the last 2-3 weeks and drives a ups truck but has not been very sweaty yet. And no I have not contacted Support yet.


I’d suggest contacting Support and let them know this occured. The forum is a user to user community and the official way to report this occurance would be to let Support know. Also, could you post the ticket number here for reference? Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately with the holiday weekend, live support I hear will open back up on Tuesday.

(206) 339-9646
Normal hours, available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


For what it’s worth, that looks like contact failure due to corrosion. Something got in there and ate the contacts (this is why all the big brand smartwatches ditched contacts and went to wireless charging, contacts don’t survive).

Lithium batteries such as those used in a smartwatch can swell when damaged, but will not leak acid, as there is none in them to leak out.


Oh, jeez. So glad she brought it up to you and that she’s okay! I reported this to the team. Yes, please contact support so we can send you a replacement and get this one back for investigation!

Wyze Watch 44mm is having some software improvements based on customer feedback and that’s why it didn’t go live at the same time as Wyze Watch 47mm. But we take this report very seriously and absolutely want to get to the bottom of it.

Thank you so much for posting!


Good lithium batteries won’t do this, but cheap ones will. Since everything Wyze makes comes from China, no doubt the batteries were sub par quality.

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Even ‘good’ lithium batteries can swell. Obviously, this is more likely to happen with cheap batteries, but I had to have a MacBook Pro repaired because the battery began swelling. And if anyone would source high-end components for their ‘pro’ products, it would be Apple.

PRO TIP: If any battery-powered device you own shows signs of swelling (for example, the case starts to distort or come apart, the trackpad of a laptop stops working, etc.) do NOT charge it. Lithium battery failures can be spectacular, as in burn-your-house-down-spectacular.


What is the way to contact support about similar problem, is it that voice telephone number during the week? I can’t seem to get anything on web site to work for contacting or submitting ticket today, and I found this in community which pretty much matches my situation. I noticed skin irritation on wrist from Wyze Watch 44 so took it off and later when I went to charge it I saw this brown junk on the back contact closest to the button. And it no longer syncs with the app, and the date/time is 01/01 Tue.

Support by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I put the 47 Watch in the drawer…The watch software is in need for a serious upgrade.

Please submit this to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission https://www.cpsc.gov/

The latest picture matches mine (brown on contact closest to the push button).
I phone the 206 support number, while waiting on hold over ten minutes I tried again to use Support site.
I don’t understand how to submit ticket. I try
Help-Submit a Request-Returns-Watch 44-Returns and it says Select your Wyse Service (Cam Plus, Sprinkler Plus, Person Detection, Home Monitoring).

So I X out of that, and scroll to the bottom of the screen, it says Need More Help, Live Help is Available and lists the days/hours but no phone number (that is why I was glad to see phone number on this forum). To the right of that it says Ask Our Community but when you click that it says Oops
The page you were looking for doesn’t exist
You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved

So I am still waiting on phone listening to music, no live person yet. Wish I understood how other people are able to submit ticket.

@DougHo, here’s what I did:

Select “Support” from the home screen; then in the “Help Center”, I selected “Submit a Request”; then when the box at the lower right popped up, I chose “Product, App, and Account Support.”

Then select “Wyze Watch 44.” I went through a lot of hoops with questions to apply to the problem that were not helpful. When finally asked if I still needed help, I selected “Contact Support.” Then I selected “Email” as a means of contact. Once you select “Email,” the support topic is already indicated; type in your email address, a subject, your first and last names, and a description of your problem. The product should already say “Wyze Watch 44,” and you don’t have to indicate accessories. I also didn’t indicate a choice of “Option” although I guess you could say “Hardware.” Then add photo attachments if you wish and click “Submit.”

After doing this, I received an email response within a half-hour from a support person. This person will request additional information to process a replacement. I did this and within a couple of hours, I received an an auto-email that my replacement was on order. Shortly after that, I received another email from my support person with a pre-paid shipping label attachment and return instructions.

For anyone else’s information, I inquired about getting a 47 watch rather than another 44 but was told they can’t process exchanges for a different watch because of limited inventory.

I hope all this helps…

I’m including a screenshot from when I submitted my support ticket.

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I like that you used spectacular here. It just fits.

Thanks, that might be helpful to someone else or in the future. I had tried something similar couple days ago but gave up during the hoops of many questions without getting the “Contact Support.”

I got through phone support quickly after initial hold around 25 minutes, I told them about brown corrosion on charging contact like battery leak, they sent email to me titled “dent on the camera” saying that they could not help me until I replied with a photo (so I did immediately, a little over hour ago). No shipping label/instructions, but that might come in another hour or so based on your experience.

I just check my 44 watch, found that the two outer metal buttons are magnet to hold the charger cable to the watch.

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I try to do a factory reset to the watch but it doesn’t, it just restarts and I don’t get the QR code, this happened after the last update.

Welcome @djvendiott!
Have you tried holding down the side button to reset it again?
If this doesn’t work, you could try letting the battery run down to 0 and charge it back up to power cycle it.
If all else fails, You may want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646
Or online: Wyze.com/support

Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT

Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT

Yes, but I don’t get the QR to pair it with the cell phone application. I have reset it several times and the QR does not come out

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