Wyze Watch 44 hardware issue on charging pins

How do I get my watch 44 replaced ? It seems to have a manufacturing issue with the charging pins that I noticed this morning. Photo attached. Looks like something wasn’t sealed right and it’s corroded as anything to the point where I’m scared to even use it. Obviously needs a replacement…

@vinceskahan Welcome to the community! You can call Customer Service or email them from the support pages. Submit a Request

(Live Support: 206-339-9646)


Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT


Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT


Submitted. Thank you.

I’d suggest it would be helpful if you guys had categories or tags in the forums so we can identify the hardware we’re using. A tag of ‘not-phone-specific’ when the issue is a hardware issue with the watch-44 could be improved a bit.

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