Wyze Watch 44 Charge terminals rusting

Has anyone found the charging terminals rusting? It is the outside terminal which I think may be a magnet
that may have picked up some metal filings. Noticed when I put it back on after shower that it was poking my wrist. Looked close at it and it looks like rust but won’t scratch off.

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I haven’t experienced any rust yet.

The outside metal pieces are magnets so this is possible. Most of the time, water isn’t enough to remove the rust off of a magnet. You can look up some methods to do this or contact support for a replacement.
By phone: (206) 339-9646
Or online: Wyze.com/support
Wyze Support has extended their live support hours for a better support experience. ( Excluding Holidays & Emergencies )
Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT

Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT

Yes. Trying to contact support today. My charger was not seating well and I realized it was because the coating was split and the metal pieces that hold the magnets on the charger were completely rusted to pieces.

Sucks, as I just got the watch to work well and was beginning to enjoy it. I’ve been wearing it for about a month.

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YES! One fell off yesterday and the second fell off today. It looks like it’s rusty under this now missing silver contracts. I emailed support today and haven’t heard back yet.

All new 44 watch owners need to be aware of this defect!

PS The watch is only 6 weeks old! WTF


I contacted them May 29 and haven’t heard back. I tried to send them a picture of my watch but not sure how. Mine is the one on the button side. Good luck

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Yes, but I received a replacement quickly! Unfortunately I assume it might happen again, then I will just start wearing my band again.

Yep, just experienced the same thing with rust. Charger wasn’t connecting easily, then noticed a skin rash on wrist, and then discovered the rusted contacts. I wondered why my other fitness trackers didn’t cause this issue, but those contacts are plastic coated. Bad design considered I’ve only used this 2 months.

Did you actually find a contact button or was it just the screens of generic questions?

There are a number of Issues with the Wyze Watch. Rusting, Battery explosions…This MUST be reported to The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.


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First report I’ve ever submitted, but I did. I predict this is going to be a big problem when more people start wearing these. I preordered way back in Dec. 2020. Didn’t receive until April 2021. Wonder if these rusty contacts were the delay?

I discovered the same way, went to attach charger and it kept shifting so I flipped it over and discovered the rust. At that point it was just split open, now a week later it is just a mound of rust and another terminal is rusted. I got the replacement by going through support in the app but i suspect the same will happen again and now a bit worried to even wear it. Also the alarm feature which is really important doesn’t really work and I keep my wyze band on nightstand as backup.

Noticed the two outside terminals in my watch rusting tonight. Picked at one lightly, and it just disintegrated. Going to notify support, for what it’s worth.

Yes, six weeks later the watch can be woken only on the charger plus the touchscreen and button are no longer responsive.

Got a quick replacement from them - will see how this one fares.

Yup. Did a search and found this post. I’m on my 2nd one and same thing. Contacted support after the first one rusted. Felt it poking at my skin, only wore it for a month. They first asked me to clean it, and were acting like they didn’t believe me, and then said it’s past the return window, and I had to threaten to report them and take it to social media. Then suddenly they were willing to send me a replacement.

Almost a month with the new one, and Same issue. I’m about to file another report.

It’s sad because I like the watch functions and the price is, well, I guess too good to be true. I’m figuring this is a mass production manufacturing defect. Curious if it is All watches or just a batch. Hoping they are able to get this fixed. I’d be willing to wait for a replacement if it actually does get fixed.

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I posted this in another related thread but I’ll mention it here with hopes my experience with Wyze customer support helps someone.

I had the same trouble with the battery terminals on the 44. I did online support as follows:

Select “Support” from the home screen; then in the “Help Center”, I selected “Submit a Request”; then when the box at the lower right popped up, I chose “Product, App, and Account Support.”

Then select “Wyze Watch 44.” I went through a lot of hoops with questions to apply to the problem that were not helpful. When finally asked if I still needed help, I selected “Contact Support.” Then I selected “Email” as a means of contact. Once you select “Email,” the support topic is already indicated; type in your email address, a subject, your first and last names, and a description of your problem. The product should already say “Wyze Watch 44,” and you don’t have to indicate accessories. I also didn’t indicate a choice of “Option” although I guess you could say “Hardware.” Then add photo attachments if you wish and click “Submit.”

After doing this, I received an email response within a half-hour from a support person. This person requested additional information to process my replacement. I did this and within a couple of hours, I received an an auto-email that my replacement was on order. Shortly after that, I received another email from my support person with a pre-paid shipping label attachment and return instructions. I received my replacement within a week.

(FYI: At the time, I inquired about getting a 47 watch rather than another 44 as my replacement but was told they can’t process exchanges for a different watch because of limited inventory.)

I hope all this helps…

I’m including a screenshot from when I submitted my support ticket.

So now I’ve been wearing my replacement 44 for almost a month. After reading other posts about second instances of the same battery terminal problem, I’ve been leery. But on top of that, I now can’t do a firmware update from 3.90 to 3.91. I’ve been checking everyday for the last week and I’m told I’m updated. Huh?!? Others have been having this problem, too, but we haven’t gotten any answers from Wyze. So, I finally decided to abandon my 44. After checking out my husband’s 47 and seeing how much more functional it is than the 44, I ordered one. Should receive it next week.

The 44 has been such a disappointment overall. Besides major issues (battery terminals), it has a totally different user interface than the 47. The craftsmanship of the 47 is also far superior to the 44. I’m looking forward to my 47 as a better user experience. I hope.

UPDATE: I should be receiving my 47 today. So as I was boxing up the 44 I received as a replacement for the first one I had that had battery terminal issues, I noticed that the top of one of the battery terminals on the replacement was already starting to distort. I only had this replacement for a month.

Thanks for posting about Wyze’s unwillingness to substitute the 47 - that was going to be my next step if my second 44 has the same rusting issue as the first. There’s no way I will buy the 47 though, just out of principle.

Got my replacement watch 44 about 3 weeks ago and looked this morning and it is already rusting. I wore the 1st one all the time except when taking a shower. This new one I left off at night and it rusted faster than the first. Contacted Support and they will let me know what the next step is. Think they need to get the problem fixed before sending out anymore 44’s. I guess I would take a 47.

Replaced mine around 3 weeks ago, terminals are already being infiltrated and dissolved by my sweat again. I’ve reached out; Wyze has been fair about replacing my products, but between this and the Bulb Color, I’m losing faith in Wyze as a company. I’ve got as many RMA’s with this company as I have orders and none of interacting with me as a consumer could have been anywhere near profitable for them. Imagine making a wearable and not checking beforehand that it’s chemically compatible with humans. We shouldn’t be responsible for engineering their products for them, even at this price point.

EDIT: Was offered a Wyze Watch 47 as a replacement straight out of the gate. I’m taking it.

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Did you report this to The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission?