Wyze 47 USB charger cable melted and damaged the watch

My USB connector would not stay connected to the watch, the power connectors on the watched looked odd, I ordered a new watch to get a new charger cable, I connected the cable and went for a short walk, When I returned back I found the charger connector on the watch end overheated and melted and damaged the watch, I used the same USB charger that I use on my Sansung cell phone.

Welcome to the fkorum, I am sorry you have had this experience, could you post a photo of what happened, also have you reached out to support? If you have not, please reach out to them and post your ticket number here.

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Thanks for taking a look at the watch!

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Wow, something is broke there. Looks like the watch was definitely drawing a lot of current. I’d definitely report that to Wyze Support at Jason’s number, and report back to us here!

Just out of curiosity, do you have a USB voltage/current meter to show what it was drawing?


We are very sorry to hear about this! Thank you for reporting it. Yes, please contact customer support. We’d like to send you a replacement and take this back to look into what happened.


The Wyze Guys are working on a replacement, Too late for a USB load tester because the cable is damaged beyond use.


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