Wyze watch 44 exploded

I would contact support with the information provided.

Just letting others know my wife and I each have a 44 that also have corrosion on the 2 outer dots in the charging port. I will be filing a support ticket as well.


Please submit this to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission https://www.cpsc.gov/

Wyse has replaced my watch 44 for corroded magnets (the outer two dots) I’ve had the replacement for about 3 weeks and it’s beginning all over again.

I take it off at night and avoid wearing it in the shower -they just corrode from basic sweat, something we all do.

I will be notifying them again and requesting a full refund.

It is unfortunate. I find it a decent watch capable of performing my needs but is going to continue to rot no matter how many replacements they give me, until they change the magnets, or cover them with a moisture proof layer.

Unfortunately they’re more interested in rushing new products to market then giving us that long requested dark mode for the app. Along with a desktop app so we can view our cameras on the computer like all of their competition allows.

I also had to send back my handheld vac because the attachments kept falling out while trying to use them in my car on a carpet. Apparently the brush doesn’t care for the friction of carpet and it pulls right out of the unit

Wyze, please slowdown on the product development, test them more cautiously and give us the apps we request.


100% Agree…focus on a Core Product group.

I couldn’t easily find the little ‘tab’ that sticks out of their website to report products, so here’s the direct link for anyone else interested in reporting the Wyze Watch 44: Public Incident Reporting - SaferProducts

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Aw my watch rusted too shortly after getting it. I like it so I’ve been waiting and hoping they’d come up with a better replacement. Guess not?

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These have been removed and nothing about replacement (my 47mm is in storage). Have you reported this to Wyze? Public Silences seems to be this Companies montra.