Watch 47 Battery problem

This watch is great and I love it, but the battery now takes 12 hours to charge and runs for only two days before the battery is down to ‘0’. This is unacceptable. It has been restarted with help from WYZE tech, but it is getting worse. At one point when charging, it sounded is if a spring was being wound and released over and over. This watch has been replaced and same problem crops up after a couple of months.

Yikes, the watch itself makes sound when it’s charging?! I would unplug that asap!

Are you using the charging cable and wall adapter included?

Absolutely using charger that came with watch.

Do you let the watch get wet? Could it be water damage?

No, I was very careful that watch never became wet.

Alright, I would try to contact support again and get a replacement, very odd that 2 in a row have this issue, maybe it was a bad batch?

Thank you for your input. I did contact them and they are sending a final replacement. I think it has something to do with the actual charging ability since I just had a bill for $650 on my 6-year-old Honda CRV. The car battery would be jump-started and the car would run all day, starting right up when stopped, then come the next morning, completely dead. Seems it was something wrong with the sensor to/from the battery. The smarter the cars get, the more expensive to repair.
But seeing as how one time, the battery on the watch seemed to last a week, then the next time, only two days. Charge again, and it lasts nearly a week. Then it sounds like a spring unwinding while charging, then completely dead after showing a weird symbol. So something is not working right.
Thank you again for your response and for trying to help, you were the only one. I appreciate that very much.

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