Was this even legal? trash neighbor?

Apparently the neighbor across the street put their trash can on my side. So they could have their trash pickup!?!

Was their side picked up first, and they forgot to get it out in time so they placed it on your side for the trucks return trip?



Most likely it’s not illegal. However, this will usually be a local issue decided by the city or county. It is possible that the local jurisdiction could consider this a violation of their policies, and even potentially theft of service in some cases, depending on the details. For example, if the neighbor has enough trash that they are filling up 2 trash cans worth of stuff, they are expected to pay for 2 trash cans with their utilities. But if the neighbor instead tries to “save money” by only paying for 1 trash can and once it gets emptied they refill the same trash can and move it across the street to empty a second time in the same week, the city or county could fine them over that, and in some cases convict them off a misdemeanor depending on the local laws. But if the neighbor simply forgot their trash that week, and putting out on the other side still only had it emptied 1 time, then the city is likely okay with it, and that part of the street in front of you house is considered the city’s property, so it’s not legally infringing on you either way and you are unlikely to be able to have any legal standing over the issue if that is your question, at least as long as they aren’t obstructing traffic or your driveway, etc.

Having said all that, legal or not, with a few situational exceptions, it is widely viewed to be inconsiderate to put something in front of someone’s house (including parking a car) without talking to them about it before hand, even when it is legal.

But again, the above can all be very different depending on the city, so nobody here can tell you for sure the correct legal analysis. You’d have to ask the city or a local lawyer.

I hadn’t thought about someone trying to refill and put it out again. Good point. The cam would show that as well. I only set mine out once or twice a month since its just myself here and not much trash. But I let my neighbor put his out there when mine isnt there.


I’ve had to do this a few times myself. The garbage man even told me to do it this way since they’re not allowed to cross the street to pick up cans after they’ve passed a house

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Since you have coverage of them taking the can home, I am curious what coverage shows when they put the can out? When was it? Any of the above situations occur?

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You might want to email the video to your trash company to make sure you are not over charged. One time I had a garbage truck empty my can and drive away with my can. I sent the video to my trash company and got a new free can no questions asked.


One time, my daughter said the trash guys didn’t take hers one morning. The company said they did. But the trash was still in the bin. So, I gave her one of my cams, and they can see beyond the front porch to the road.


He did it again.

Might be time to send another video to your trash company.

Or…ask the neighbor?


I can’t view the recent few videos you have posted unless I download them. I can view all the other videos on this site if they are formatted correctly. Is the video downloaded from the events page or recorded from the SD?

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Okay, so it’s not just me.

No, it’s not just you. It is a Chrome/Chromium-based Browser codec defect. If you open it in a browser or program that isn’t based on Chrome or Chromium, then it should play for you okay. Same thing if you download the video and play it on another program. Google Chrome’s codec foundation has a known bug that doesn’t support everything well. It’s been like this for years. It affects other app that are built on Chromium too, including the Discord Desktop application which is built on Chrome, but not the Discord Mobile App, which isn’t.

We used to have Seapup fix the encodings to be Chrome Friendly, but he’s not currently available.

Basically, you’re all telling on yourself for using Chrome/Chromium :rofl: Don’t worry, you’re in good company…I do too :joy:


I didn’t figure it was.

I’ll give you partial credit, maybe, because when I tried opening it with the default Videos (the artist formerly known as Totem) application on this distro, that one gave me the proverbial fanger, as well.

VLC to the rescue!

Yeah, and awhile back I read about the Datcord project, which is a Discord desktop application based on Firefox, but I’m not an active enough Discord user to care enough to try it. I like that people are doing things like that, though.

Well, at least you’re keeping in theme with this topic by talkin’ trash! :wink:

It’s all good, though. I bounce back and forth some, but I mostly stick to Chrome on a desktop these days (depending on the desktop) because I’m accustomed to the keyboard shortcuts. In philosophy, I probably tend to prefer Firefox (and that’s what I use as the primary browser on my Android devices) and still often use that on a PC, but I mostly default to Chrome because of the fingers.


I have all the major browsers.

  • I use Chrome as my daily driver for personal stuff.
  • I use Edge for my small business work (Chrome chews MASSIVE resources, and I need a ton of browsers and tabs open, and I like how Edge manages that a LITTLE better than pure Chrome when I’m using my laptop)
  • I use Firefox to check if an issue is Chrome-specific, or when I need to test something out without my normal logins, etc, or if I want to see how something works in “Mobile browser” mode, among many other uses.
  • I use Brave for anything requiring a constantly running anonymizer like my VPN plugin, or if I want to run ad blockers or other filters (through my VPN), or don’t want to get tracked on something and get tons of ads about that thing later, or maybe I want to search for things without databrokers tagging it to my personal profile (ad-profile or otherwise) or them taking something out of context, etc. My Brave Browser can’t be “browser fingerprinted” or location targeted or anything. --sometimes I use this for some work stuff too when I don’t want databrokers tying any of the data I am seeking help on to my company, I may not mind an AI company having some certain anonymized data in general, but I may not want anyone to tie it to me or my company specifically and be able to make assumptions and predictions about me or share something with my direct competitors, etc.
  • All the others I don’t REALLY use. I have DuckDuckGo browser on Mobile just for the tracking blocker. I don’t ever use Opera, though I have it. I don’t remember most of the others. :joy:
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I get it. Different tools for different jobs. Samesies, though I do occasionally use Opera, surf (not a “major” browser), Vivaldi, and Abrowser (essentially unbranded Firefox), sometimes with add-ons, depending on what OS I’m using and what I’m trying to accomplish.

Now I’m wondering what the Forum would look like with Lynx. Probably not great, and I imagine some things just wouldn’t work.

Choices are pretty great. Back to trash: :wastebasket:.

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Probably just send these video clips to the trash company. I don’t want to get shot while talking to him in his yard.

If the cans that neighbor brings out are numbered or something, try and get those numbers to include with if you also send the videos to the garbage truck company. Or your company might charge by can numbers anyways so maybe he’s getting charged regardless of where the cans are.

Spiteful me wants to bring his cans towards your house before the pickup comes and place it back after the pickup is done to leave them with a potental full can for the next week. But that might not be the best course of action. I should just talk to the guy when he brings them out if you can to see what’s up to avoid a neighborhood rivalry.

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