Mailbox Knocked Off Post

This is the 3rd time in 2 years that one of my neighbor’s contractors has backed a vehicle into my mailbox. This time they knocked it completely off the post and it was all captured on my driveway Wyzecam.

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Do you have the clip? It would be interesting to see.

took me a minute to figure out how to link my post to the video, but it’s there now.

Wow, they cannot drive. It looks like the trash can was almost taken out too.

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What a helpful neighbor. Has he seen the video yet?

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Nice capture, some people just don’t know how to drive.

What is the ultimate outcome of this…do they properly fix it, do they replace it, do they give you $40.00 and say they are sorry?

I suppose it could be worse… you could come home and find your mailbox is missing… Angry Garbage Man Prank - Bin Man Destroys Mailbox! - YouTube #hehe

I showed him the video this morning. He is going to have his contractor install a new mailbox. This was actually the 3rd time somebody working at his house nailed my mailbox. I told him I may just paint a target on the front if it happens again. He laughed. All is well.

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Yike! At least he didn’t litter the street.

We spoke today and came to an agreement about replacing the mailbox.

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That’s great to hear! Glad Wyze helped you.

Tell your neighbor that you’d prefer a more sturdy replacement …



With that driving, even that wouldn’t last.:joy:

Wow, why do they put mailboxes across from driveways? I’ve had mine taken out three or four times by people backing out of the driveway across the street too. The last time, a kid in an expensive Dodge Challenger snapped the post, which is made of two 4x4’s sandwiched between two 2x6’s, in half. Rather large dent in the trunk lid, but he tried to get away without telling anyone.

USPS says if I want to move the mailbox 10 feet, I have to file a formal application, which will take months and eventually get denied. If I move it without permission, my mail will stop.

Vent over.

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Interesting…maybe move it five feet, wait a year, than move it another five feet. I guess they don’t want the postal carrier to get confused if it is too big of a move in one shot. Plus if you wait a year for the next five feet maybe their will be a new carrier.

Other than that, I know of a lot of people that wish they could stop all the junk mail they get.

so move it 9.5’, let them get used to it, then move it again?

All kidding aside, putting a mailbox across from a driveway isn’t the issue. Its the person driving the car into a large, stationary object…:roll_eyes: The driver is the problem.

Can tell 100% but what’s even worse than that is it looks like that newer van has a backup camera…

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I was wondering about that.

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