Goodbye, Mailbox - Drunk driver or elderly?

When I first noticed the mailbox was missing, I thought it got dragged down the road or someone took it from the street. After watching my Wyze cam I later found it deep in the bushes with some mail strewn around…
The box, pole and bracket have since been repaired ($120 later) and I am still looking for the red car/driver. They appear very short, possibly an elderly women or maybe a child?
I am 98% sure this same car smashed my next-door neighbors mailbox last year as well, but i have since deleted that video.
This is very dangerous. I could have been checking my mail at that time, or a child could have been there. :angry:


Why is this comical, lol… maybe the ‘follow-through’

Time for a replacement… either this one if you want them to think twice about doing that again:


Or something like this, hiding the bricks and rebar…, they get a little reminder that perhaps they might not want to do that again:


hopefully you find out who did this and why…

Looks like a Chevy Sonic to me.



That looked very intentional.

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Huh. I thought ‘elderly barely there.’ What made you and @nixhome2020 think ‘intentional?’

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Haha, my brother suggested the same thing. But I guess usps regulations frown upon such non-break-away mailboxes.

I just looked and the Sonics are a bit more boxy in the rear, no?

It’s in the middle of the day with fairly busy traffic, I don’t think so. Kinda looks intentional! But wouldn’t they rather do it with a baseball bat at midnight?

Looks like someone short, can barely see over the steering wheel. There is a gradual uphill turn coming into my house too.

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Ohh, I like the hidden tiger, crouching rebar.

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The driver did not look like they were texting because they wete facing forward not down.

I’m going with drunk driver




Speaking of ‘follow-through,’ I was struck by vehicles twice, once by a motorscooter as a pedestrian in a crosswalk, and the other by an 80’s Rabbit as a bicyclist crossing a 4-way stop intersection.

Both vehicles had me pinned to their frontal planes for a number of seconds (seemed quite long) before they decided to apply the brakes - at which point in the former I rolled down the street a bit, and in the latter I WHAMMED 90 degrees to the pavement. The former was annoying, the latter was sobering (the MASS and only 10-15 mph.)

The first was a sober inexperienced college kid who just freaked out, and the other was a stoned artist who was apparently epiphanating.


I think they have hatchbacks, and sedans


The driver didn’t bother to stop… so either DWI or intentional, either way, with the brick wall, it would of stopped them in their tracks, to possibly save a pedestrian or kid further down the road.

Hopefully they had a seat belt on …


My mailbox is built into a brick column that has lots of concrete and rebar. The footing is 3 1/2 feet deep and wider at the base than at ground level. Anyone who hits it will have some serious damage.

I said intentional because it looked like they swerved onto the sidewalk in order to hit it.

Can you spite-clobber a curbside mailbox without damaging your vehicle $ignificantly? Is there a technique some master and practice?

No experience at all with this in the inner city. :man_shrugging:

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I think that is a Chevy Spark, if that helps.


The googles seem to agree with you.

I believe you are correct. My bad.


Because I have no experience I am free to speculate. :wink:

I figure if somebody in the country or the suburbs or wherever curbside mailboxes are common wants to spite-clobber you the best way to do it would be with a Ford F-150 (the most popular full-size truck of all time!) or similar and just drive up real slow stealthy like until the bumper meets the post and just nudge it over back up and sneak off.


In my younger days I always preferred to use two M-80’s tied together to reshape a mail box. :grin: