Some things I've caught on my cams

This car took out my neighbors mailbox, tyoko drifted through my yard, then knocked over the speed sign just off camera to the left. I have noticed when i record a video from the app from the “view playback” section it always delays the sound for some reason. So the 1st crash you hear is them hitting the mailbox, Then the last crash is where they hit the hill.

This was a while back, but this drunk guy showed up at my house and knocked at my door for over 30 minutes. I was home alone, and note the 2am time stamp so i was kinda spooked. I called the police for this but he had left my house and moved down the road by the time they arrived. He was v rude leaving my door open. D<


wow. I would’ve answered that door but it would’ve been a not so great circumstance. I think you made the right call. ( literally)


I also likely would not have answered the door, but if I had, I would likely have been armed. I do have the advantage that my front door has a security screen door that is essentially always dead bolt locked, so I can answer the door without becoming overly insecure.


I can’t help but wonder if the fella got a booty call and was given the wrong address? That’s a lot of waiting and wondering.

But yes, he most likely would have met my friend Savage Stevens after 10 minutes of his persistence, soiling the wood deck.

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