Neighbor hitting my suv and taking off..smh


That’s not even a near miss or a “mistake”…
Did he go in to talk to you - or his wife - before taking off?
And notice the other SUV that is sitting waiting, idling, to get to his parking spot (so tight with parking?). Did that driver say anything to you?

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I wonder what he’s got in that Cup he was drinking out of :champagne:
What happened after you saw the video ??


its has been past 36 hours after it happened and i have seen him, he waved at me, and never talked to me about the incident. im about to file a police report on this guy. he probably thinks that he can get away with it.
they are too lazy to move their cars instead of cutting in the grass.


i am wndering what was in the cup too …after i saw the video, i was pissed but i gave him a chance to talk to me and admit to what happened. so far he hasnt admitted to anything. i dont want to talk to him about it… i want him to man up but it looks like it aint gonna happen


I had this same thing happen about 2 weeks ago, neighbor backed into my in-laws car that was parked in front of my house, got out and looked at the damage then left. They never did say anything about it, my in-laws filed a report, the neighbor answered the police but still has not said anything. They did about 3000 in damage to the car.

I would file a police report and let them handle it


do you talk to those neighbors? was it akward after the police got involved?

time for a very large landscaping rock to be placed at that vertex


I work odd hours so I do not see them much, but as of yet nothing has been said.

its been 3 day since the accident and no admission from him, called the cop to file a report for insurance purposes. ill let the handle it.
update after cops left:
hes making up all excuses why he didnt tell me. hes blaming me for not knocking on his door. he said there was no damage. i showed him the video and he completely changed his tune…
i told him man up to it. he should have knocked on my door when it happened as a courtesy and being a good neighbor, it didnt matter it there was no damage, the fact that it been 3 days and nothing was said about it… if my camera wasnt there, i could have blamed someone, pay for the repair bills and could have been in an accident. what he did was shady and deceitful . thanks for my wyze camera for the recording that even the cops doesnt need to interview the witnesses… it was all captured on the video!!!


Yeah, he should have gone to your door right after it happened. He was hoping you didn’t see it and then there would be no proof of who caused the damage. Luckily you had the Wyze cam. Plus, that other guy was waiting for him to leave so he could park in that driveway. What a strange set up you have there with that angled entrance to the driveways.


Aside from the police report, you should also give the video to the landlord if this is a rental property. Something like this may be grounds to terminate their lease.

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Is this a duplex? I’m confused at the camera angle. It looks like he stepped off your porch