Warranty link doesn't work

Webiste and app says to click a link for support ticket but only brings up the help menu. Impossible to return the device for warranty. Since this was also mentioned back in November, I am inclinded to believe this is by design and no warranty service is available. Someone please correct me if I am wrong and there is a form with return address to send back a defective camera.

Hi. I’m a fellow Wyze customer. I’ve had success getting equipment replacements under warranty by calling tech support at (206) 339-9646

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I would agree with @FullOfBeans the best support interactions I have experienced with Wyze has been via a call to support.

I recently did a warranty replacement through the chat that was successful.

I was told I needed to fill out a form, but that form was a series of questions provided by the support representative in the chat that I copied and pasted in a document editor, added my responses, then copied and pasted back into the chat. I received my replacement device within 2 days. My only suggestion of improvement for the interaction would be to automate the form.

More contact info here. Reach out they will be able to assist.

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