Issue with warranty replacement

I can’t seem to find anyone from Wyze in the US to help me with a warranty issue. The Philippines seems to give me the runaround every time, when it comes to warranty issues. Troubleshooting is minimal all red from a script. I’ve had to buy eight Wyze cams in the last 10 months because they keep failing me just fed up with the whole experience with Wyze in the last 14 months just saying!

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I have not had any issues w\ Customer Support issuing a Warranty Return \ Replacement RMA. I contact them thru chat and inform them up front I am “Officially Requesting a Warranty Replacement”.

The key is to be very specific with what you are asking for, very descriptive with what is wrong, and very detailed with the troubleshooting steps you have taken. They may run you thru a couple of their steps, but that is to meet their requirements. I have always gotten my RMA on the first try.

But, a vast majority of issues can be solved here in the forum. This is not the thread for that though.

Search the forum for the specific problem you are having on your cam model and post questions in those threads. If you can’t find a thread that matches your topic, you can always start a new topic.

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@jojncr597 If you can supply a support ticket number, we can ask to have your case escalated for further attention. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything without the support ticket number.