Warning about "Account Bound Devices" being associated before allowing an account to be deleted

Would like to see a warning/halt on account deletion if a Wyze product that is associated to the account will become unusable after account deletion. The prompt could be as simple as identifying the product and asking the user to remove the device from account before account deletion.

An example of this is Wyze locks. Once a lock has been added to an account, it must be explicitly removed before it can be joined to another account. If a user deletes an account with the locks still associated with them, the locks become effectively bricked as they can’t be rejoined to an account - even if that account uses the same email address.

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YIKES! I knew this was the case for the Wyze Cam Outdoor and the Base Station, but I didn’t realize it was this way for the locks. I’ll have to be careful. I have a lock I took down a year or more ago (replaced with Lock Bolt) and I thought about deleting it and putting it up in my wife’s office building…guess I better remember to either reconnect it and delete it first, or just leave it on my personal account. I thought about deleting some old unused devices off my account recently…maybe I should be careful first.

I’d like to add something to this wishlist

Also give a message if we try to delete one of these “Bound devices” while they are offline, to let us know that if we delete it while it’s offline that it will be forever unusable by anyone. I didn’t realize (or I forgot) this was the case for the locks as well.


wyze’s idiocy knows absolutely no bounds. just wow. I hate them so much but I’m kinda locked in with them. I wish them all the worst.