All My Devices are Missing from My Account

I already tried contacting support, but they have not offered a solution to my problem.

On Tuesday 11/17 around 11:30 PM EST, I noticed that I couldn’t get into my account. Eventually, I was able to login however, all of my devices were missing. It looks like somehow my account was deleted and a new one created under the same email address.

I have successfully paired one of my V2s to my “new” account but, would rather not have to go through the setup process again for all of my other missing devices.

I have been unable to use my Wyze devices for the past two days. I have contacted support multiple times and every representative claimed that they don’t have access to my account but would escalate my ticket to an “account specialist.”

Hopefully a Wyze employee who has access to accounts sees my issue and can help restore my devices and account settings.

Not being able to access my devices for two days has caused a major inconvenience to me and is only making me question the reliability of my Wyze devices even more.

I have dozens of devices and I really hope I don’t have to start over and reset all my devices.

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Been there except in my case my wife decided to change our wifi name and this caused us to have to have to re start all cams again. Such a pain when they are not easy to get to. What a nightmare.

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Since Tuesday, I have only been able to access 2 of my cams by pairing them again with my “new” account. I’m still waiting to hear back from Wyze about the status of my old account.

I have submitted multiple support requests and logs, but still have not heard back. @WyzeGwendolyn anyway you can help me with this issue?

This issue happened after the service outage on Tuesday night.

I take it that Wyze doesn’t care about the fact that I can’t use my devices.

Contacting “support” and reaching out here hasn’t yielded a satisfactory solution. I guess I will just slowly phase out my wyze devices.