Want Wyze cams to notify me if a person is detected and I am not at home

I would like to know if a person is detected by the cam while I am not at home. I don’t want notifications all the time if I’m walking around the house, but when I’m gone, I want to know if someone is detected.

First, Set your notifications to alert you to only person detections on the cameras you want this to happen on. Then if you’re already at home, go ahead and toggle off the main notification… Now, when it is toggle back on it should automatically default to person notifications only. Then we’ll just set up rules for when this should happen.

Set up a location trigger/rule:

Trigger = if I leave (set your home location)

Action = Turn on notifications (choose each camera you want this for)

Save the rule.

Now do the same thing with the location trigger for when you arrive at home, but this time the action will be to turn off notifications on those cameras instead of turn them on.

Now you’re notifications should work as you wanted. When you leave home they should turn on the notifications and alert you to any person detections. And when you return home it should turn off the notifications and not alert you anymore.