Disable notifications when home

IF I want to disable notifications when home, and enable them when away (not on a schedule), do I have to go into the app each time I leave or return to tell it if I’m home or away? Can’t the system detect where I am from location services on the iphone?

You can create a Rule known as Location Trigger. Then you can set the:

“I Arrive” trigger so the action of turning off notifications.

Conversely, you would set the “I Leave” trigger to turn on the notifications again.


Does iPhone Location Services need to be set to ALWAYS for the WYZE app or will WHEN USING allow the above actions?

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To use Location Trigger on your iPhone, you’ll need to set Location to Always and toggle on Precise Location for the Wyze app.

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Even with these settings, location rules do not work for me. I have tried everything suggested except using ITTT. Nothing has worked so far. Without the rules working, I will be returning the cams. Thankfully I purchased directly through the Wyze website because the cost was less than anywhere else.

Works for me but not every time. About 60% of the time, according to the log.