Stop Notifications if anyone is home

Is there a way to stop notifications from cameras when either 1 of 2 people are home? I don’t need constant motion or sound notifications when my significant other is home walking around the house, only when nobody is home.

Wyze did implement a way for us to use location-based rules, which would allow us to turn notifications on or off based on whether a particular user is home or not. However, they haven’t yet extended that to track more than 1 user at a time.

So it won’t be an easy thing to implement having it make a trigger be based on 2 or more location statuses. Though it is possible to use complex third-party workaround solutions to do this…it gets slightly more complicated with iOS due to its excessive customizability restrictions/limitations.

I think the best option for you would be to use the “Snooze” feature. Wyze recently set it up so we can “snooze” notifications for a period of time (30 minutes, 1 hour, until tomorrow morning, until I turn it back on, or a custom set time). You can also set up specific schedules in the Wyze app for when to turn notifications on or off on individual devices if you don’t want everything snoozed.

On the home screen there is a little bell in the top right. If you press that, you can set how long you want to snooze notifications for.

Then if you want to set up a specific schedule, you can set up rules to turn notifications on or off on specific devices during certain times. You can also always disable those rules if you ever go on vacation or something so the notifications stay active.

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IFTTT has a multi-user location service that would probably do what you want.

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It sounds like i need to download third party software onto each persons phone, pay for the pro service, have it run in the background on everyones phone and then custom write a program to make it work; or turn on/off notifications manually each day everytime the last person leaves the house and when the first person comes home. So the real solution is to return these three cameras and expand my current collection of nest cameras that have this feature built in, and not do wyze’s job for them. That’s what I get for trying to save a couple of bucks upfront.

I have to say, your description is accurate. My suggestion was only relevant for maintaining a supplemented Wyze infrastructure. There are certainly other alternatives. Some would argue even better.

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