I want to get alerts when I’m not home

I have a few questions. I want an alert if someone is coming into my house when I’m not home.

If I get alerts when it detect movement what happens when I’m home?

Can I tell it I’m home so it doesn’t video tape me?
Is it smart enough to know I’m not home?

Do I need to set up a camera to have sensors?

Also i use ios 13.1.2 is this compatible?

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Really good question. I would like the ability to suspend notifications by grouping and/or globally so I can quickly suspend notifications while home. I do have a schedule set up to notify me only from dusk to dawn.

Your iOS is compatible, , you can find the answers to your questions here in the User Manuals

I have two shortcuts in the Wyze App. One is Home and the other is Away. Away turns on my cameras and notifications from them and door sensors. Home turns all of that off.

You can read about shortcuts, rules, and triggers at the link above.


I don’t know if this counts but: How about using IFTTT? You can make your own applets or use ones that already exist.

Never considered doing that, wayneluke. Thanks for posting that idea. I am going to do that right now!

I’ve been turning Wyze notifications on and off via IFTTT for years now. It works. I have a trigger that disables notifications when my phone connects to my wifi and another that enabled notifications when my phone disconnects.

IFTTT can be slow to respond sometimes, but for this purpose it doesn’t matter. It’s not like turning on a light or something else that needs to instantly happen.

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