Want more beauty in products

I love the aims of Wyze to make easy to use, affordable home products. And I love that for me, Wyze is a local company. I’m looking forward to trying many of the products.

What i’d really like to see is greater attention to beauty. Many of these products will be visible in the home. Beauty matters. Beautiful and even sexy doesn’t take much more monetary investment, but can sure enhance the pleasure one experiences with a product, and even help overcome flaws.

Please consider designing shapes that are more elegant (I’m looking at you, wireless headphones) and colors that are more attractive than black, gray, white, and the glaring blue of the Wyze brand. How about colors like purple or maroon?

If you resonate with this post, add a comment about what colors or other aspects of beauty you’d like to see!

I don’t care much about “beauty” but I’d sure like the doorbells to look and function more like doorbells.

It’s subjective but “purple and maroon” are not attractive for electronics. You could certainly turn to Etsy et al. for skins and covers. There is a lot out there.

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If you don’t care much about beauty, then this definitely isn’t your thread. Please find another place more suitable to discuss your interest in functionality. I’m sure there are many. While functionality is certainly of primary importance for most of Wyze’s products, that is not the topic of this thread. As the subject line reads, the topic is beauty.

Skins are an interesting suggestion. In a few specific cases, this might be a viable strategy for more beauty. Generally, though, I seriously doubt it will be. Here’s why:

  1. They will do little for the product’s shape. Unless the skin is bespoke for THAT particular product, it will very likely look just bad, in any event not elegant or sleek.
  2. They will not be suitable for many of the products Wyze makes. (How would one make a skin for a vacuum or robovacuum?)
  3. This approach undermines one key aspect of Wyze’s strategy and value proposition: affordable products. A skin is just going to increase the overall cost, potentially substantially, since (in the case of Etsy) they’re probably going to be handmade.

Well that’s a silly point. Supporting multiple arbitrary colors of plastic and cloth for the actual product are what will destroy Wyze’s “value proposition”. They could barely eke out black models without raising their prices (the black V2 became a problem). Check the forum - the camera skins (and some of the mounting add-ons) look great. You’re asking a company to scratch your individual itch at the expense of millions of other customers. It’s not a great idea. Do we really have to mention that an idea of beauty is definitively subjective and most likely no one will agree with yours?

Edit: this was in response to a post that now appears to have been withdrawn

Hmm… first of all, I’m intrigued that anyone’s idea here should be labeled as “silly”. That might be a violation of terms & conditions for posting. Nonetheless…

  1. I never said each product should be made in multiple colors etc, and CERTAINLY not that such choices be arbitrary. Specific & intentional choices that consider beauty is what I seek. AND in fact in some cases multiple colors are happening, eg the watch. So no, my suggestion does not need to undermine the value proposition.

  2. Beauty is most certainly NOT necessarily individual. Of course there are individual aspects. And there are also broadly common aspects of beauty. It’s the latter that I’m mostly interested in here.

  3. A large part of the point of this very post is indeed to discover if others resonate with my sentiments. So no, I’m not asking “millions” to bend to my itch. I’m exploring who else out there feels as do I, in the context of a request. You may not, and that’s fine. I’d really like to find who does.

I WARMLY welcome any comments here from those who resonate with my request for more beauty incorporated into future Wyze product design.

Hey @shawtimothy

I’m not sure if I resonate. Photo example of a beautiful, sexy product?

And a beautiful, sexy, cheap(er) product?

Also, any response increases your chance of additional responses. I think that’s valid on this board. So you are actually benefiting by Mr. Customer’s contributions. And he doesn’t usually require any formal thanks. Which makes him a regular fella. Eh?

Welcome to Wyztopia! :slight_smile:

What is the sound of one hand resonating?

Thanks for that question. I will marinate on it.

Yes I appreciate Mr. Customer’s inadvertent contribution to visibility. I don’t appreciate all the nay-saying, off-topic commentary and straw-man arguments. I prefer more constructive on-topic input. If someone doesn’t care about beauty, then why would they even care to post here? It feels borderline troll-like.

As far as purple and maroon being “not attractive for electronics”, may I introduce you (Mr. Customer) to Apple, FitBit, Samsung and Dyson? Each has been massively successful using these kinds of colors among their electronic designs.

It is in everyone’s best interest to please conform to community guidelines.


Precisely, @HDRock

Hi again @peepeep

Here are some initial thoughts I have as to affordable and beautiful products. I’m sure more will come to me. Generally speaking, all of these also exemplify simple, straightforward and easy, which I see as consistent with Wyze’s intended philosophy.

A quintessential example of a brand that epitomizes affordable (and functional) beauty (or at the very least, good design) is IKEA. While the style doesn’t appeal to everyone, and I certainly don’t like everything they make (I’d like to see more use of natural materials, for example, though that would likely increase the cost), they do have a lot of good design and obviously their products do have broad appeal.

Costco is a brand that is all about offering high quality (including some genuinely beautiful things) at affordable prices.

Dance Shoe Warehouse and also Nordstrom Rack (one of many similar discounted arms of luxury brands) are brands that offer beautiful products at (more) affordable prices.

Tesla’s explicit strategy, at least according to Elon Musk’s original stated intentions, is to make mass-market electric cars, which they are getting a lot closer to doing. And they certainly offer sleek, beautiful, well-designed cars throughout their lineup, which I don’t imagine will change.

While I wouldn’t consider them affordable in the manner that Wyze seems to be aiming for, I appreciate Apple’s design approach. If they were to follow a different corporate strategy, I’m sure they could make their products more affordable and accessible to a wider audience, while still being beautiful. I’m less familiar with their product line-up, but Samsung might be an example of a related company that makes both beautiful and (to some degree, since they offer many price-points) affordable products.

Dyson I see as akin to Apple - beautifully designed products, though not nearly as affordable as they could be.

Beautiful AND sexy (though not necessarily affordable)? How about Porsche as a starting point?

And these headphones look pretty nice: bose.life/3HJtRGc

Hopefully this gives you more context to assess any resonance?

I’ll think more about “sexy” AND “beautiful” AND “affordable” - this is rarer in products, surely a cultural phenomenon (thank you, Puritans) along with “sexy” and desirability being conflated with rarity - a gross misapprehension. Nonetheless the combination is still eminently possible.

Ok, @shawtimothy, I can catch some of what you’re pitching. :slight_smile:

IKEA is a good example. IKEA design/beauty should be within Wyze’ reach.

Anything with a touch screen is a little sexy. Things with a good touch screen and trick software are seductive. Witness: The world is well and truly… seduced.

What other products are sexy?

I think sexy implies power in reserve. And things with power in reserve are expensive. So sexy implies things that are expensive.

Wyze products are cheap.

Coupled with an expensive phone, when they’re working well, they feel sexy, until they don’t.

Things that show wear and still function are sexy. Things that last are the best.

Thank you, @peepeep

I’m glad to hear about what resonated for you.

I also really enjoy durability in products.

“Power in reserve” perceived as sexy? A very interesting concept. Yes, that resonates as one significant way that we experience something as sexy. And so, in that respect, yes it would likely also imply expensive.

And perhaps there are either versions of “power in reserve” that don’t necessitate excess resources and high cost (e.g. perhaps it could create only the perception/illusion of “power in reserve” but isn’t actually so). Or perhaps there are alternative versions of sexy that don’t per se necessitate this kind of use of resources.

I’m enjoying the contemplation and musing.