Wyze Weights

Wyze should go a step further into the health and wellness category and disrupt the at home gym companies. It would be great if Wyze could create something like Tonal but at a much more affordable price and small monthly fee.

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This is an interesting idea. I could definitely see Wyze getting more of the home health and lifestyle products in the future.
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And people complain about the Wyze shipping costs for lightweight cameras… :wink:

Just kidding, this is a fine idea considering their existing line. I haven’t heard of Tonal but those “look in the pseudo mirror while exercising on our $6,000 equipment and pay us $30 a month” things are crazy overpriced.


Haha. I agree, the market seems ripe for disruption. It also allows for a subscription model which Wyze seems to like these days. :slight_smile:

Oh man, I would buy this today. I love the idea of a Wyze Tonal like gym. Tonal is way over priced, but the concept is incredible. If there is a company that could make this amazing and affordable it’d be Wyze.