New product request - Wyze Ring

I would really like a Wyze ring with similar features to the band with no display. The ring should be as small as possible. Ring should be able to monitor heart-rate with configurable frequency and O2 or ECG. I would like it to have as much biofeedback as possible for an affordable price.

Better yet, how about a wyze microchip implanted just under your skin? Able to do all that and hold all your personal identification, financial information, medical history, criminal record, tracking ability. etc. Sounds more realistic. In today’s society.

uhhh, noooooo. I love Wyze but I don’t think I would support an implanted chip. But I would definitely be interested in a ring that had all those features including a NFC chip for mobile payments.

Definitely +1 on this idea. Just wanted to submit a similar request for something better than Ouraring (

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Motiv also has a ring similar to Oura. That was pretty much what I was thinking.

I would buy one of them, but they are prohibitively expensive.

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I’ve always hated having to say ok Google to activate things. I’ve also always thought it would be cool to have a ring with a button on the bottom that would trigger a Google home to listen.

It would be great to talk into a ton and just push the button and day turn up the heat.

Getting rid of the trigger words is my dream.

Button with configurable function would be great. Possibly could also be accomplished with software and sensors as well. For example the Fitbit accelerometer can detect when you turn your wrist to check the time. The ring could use accelerometer data for multiple virtual button functions.

I just want a simple ring with a button to activate the Google home in my house. Just push the button and day command. No more ok Google

Soooo I love this idea, I’ve considered the Oura and the Motiv, but never has the spare cash, so a more affordable option would be amazing. Not only that, one that would work alongside my Wyze/Alexa smart home. I found this one on Amazon and I am obsessed with the design and how eco-friendly it is. If Wyze could produce a ring that looks like this but works better and with other Wyze devices that would be phenomenal!

I was on amazon a while back and I saw an ad for amazon echo loop. I was thinking that wyze could make a cheaper version of that.

Smart Ring Health Tracker

Do you think you might consider doing a smart ring health tracker?