Increased sustainability in Wyze products

I own a Cam v2 and a vacuum cleaner. Very pleased with both, but concerned about what will happen if/when bits break on the vacuum. I would consider buying the headphones, but not until you offer replacement ear cushions (already in wishlist) and headband/battery (added to wishlist today).

Bottom line - in anticipation of EU regulation on repairability and recyclability being required built-in to product design being replicated in the US - I recommend you get ahead of the curve and do just that. If you were to survey your customers and ask them how important the environment is to them, I feel sure you would hear a resounding VERY !! If you also were to ask them whether they would pay a little more if products were fully repairable, with replacement parts available, and fully recyclable. I think you would also get a positive response.

In fact, you would differentiate yourselves even further from the generic hordes. Imagine - products and service people love, at a price they feel represents good value, and with longevity and environmental awareness built it. What’s not to like?

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Most if not all current “repairable” products come at a very high price. It costs the companies a ton to maintain a system and stock of all the components needed, and takes a tone of resources to create instructions for how to repair. Also, Wyze would have to design all new products from the ground up.

I like the idea of repairability, but for a $35 cam, not sure if it’s reasonable at this scale.

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