Viewing Time Lag

I believe I already found the answer by researching this Forum, although this is my first post and I want to get in the door. I’m leaning towards the problem being with the router / Frontier.

My WYZE cam has a time lag of about 01:30 between when I see something out the window and when I see it on the tablet monitor. Is this normal? ASUS tablet / Android 5.0 ~ Netgear ADSL2 router modem ~ Model ADSL 2200D - 1FRNAS / 2.4gh / WPA security ~ AES encryption. Group Key Update interval 3600 seconds.

Frontier Internet. Ping 25 ms / Jitter 1 ms / Download 6.0 mbps / Upload 0.5 mbps. No devices connected other than the WYZE cam, the ASUS tablet, and the PC (hard wired) with nothing open or using bandwidth. WIN10 - Version 1903

Try Account, App Settings, Enable Hardware Decoder.


Bingo! Camera and tablet monitor are now synced. Thank You!


Cool! Glad I was able to help.


It’s convenient to have it set either way. By enabling Hardware Decoder I have a ‘Real Time’ view. By disabling it, if I hear something, I have 01:30 to come back to the monitor and see what I missed without having to do a playback.

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Nice making lemonade out of that lemon. Never thought of that. :slight_smile:
1:30 is quite the lag.

I’ve enabled and disabled ‘Hardware Decoder’ several times. Each time I get a different time lag. The shortest is 00:15 the longest is 01:30. Though when enabled it’s real time. Another thing I’ve noticed. The cam does not restart easily after a shutdown. I’ve yet to find a surefire way to do a restart or shut down other than pulling the plug then inserting it multiple times and patiently waiting. It appears to be a connectivity issue with my router. Since I’m only watching the garden, these issues are minor.

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