Time Lag

Just got my first Wyze cam set up, with a couple of hurdles, but now it is running. I noticed I have 10-20 seconds time lag. Is that normal? Can it be fixed?

Their should be a small amount of latency between the live stream and camera but it can differ from user to user due to internet speeds, you can reduce some of this by changing the quality of the video from HD to SD.

Did that already, but still. So in order to have no or minimal time lag, I would need a faster internet?

Yes, faster internet would help significantly reduce the latency.

What is your upload/download internet speeds?

No idea. How can I find out?

On a device that is connected to your home internet open this link and click “run speed test” once the test is finished come back here and tell me the numbers you are given.


5.18 Mbps download, 1.8 Mbps upload.

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So yes the internet seems to be the culprit here causing the major latency.

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Both. I haven’t quite figured out the notification thing. I get a lot more notifications than the 12 second clips. Is this normal?

I have had notification without an event (recorded clip).

@immerwieder go to camera settings> advanced settings> press sync time

Thank you!

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