2 cams, kb/s why would 1 lag?

So i just added my second camera, and I noticed major lag in the live image, to the point where a car driving by would stop for a few seconds even. My first cam does not do this. I noticed that the kb/s reading on my first cam bounces from 80-120 where as on the laggy cam, it bounces from 60 -90. I put them them side by side to test to make sure it wasn’t distance or anything else, and they still perform this way. Is the new cam defective?

Check the image quality setting HD/SD/360p. Are they on the same setting?

Yep, I keep them both on HD, however, the laggy one has twice told me to bump it down to 360p.

That’s indicative of insufficient bandwidth available to the router. But since you said you placed them in the same location, that would kind of eliminate that possibility. How about trying to unplug the good one and test the bad one. If it continues then, I think you’ll need to file a support ticket with Wyze for possible replacement of this camera. This is pretty much what’s called for here:



Thanks for the replies, after further testing this morning dropped that cam down to 2kb/s while the other one remained well over 100kb/s, I have returned it and ordered a new one.