Viewing through google home

This is now working for me in both the Google Home app and asking Google Assistant via voice to stream on a Google Home Hub (1st generation) for a Video Doorbell v2, Cam Pan v3, and Cam v4 (in addition to the Cam OG that continued to work throughout this “outage”).

I haven’t made any network or other changes, so I have no evidence that this wasn’t a server issue of some kind.

It took an extra day or 2, but Jason confirms this should be fixed for people now. He said you might have to “reconnect” Wyze to the “Works with Google” sign-in, but it is back to working again now.

All my cams are working except for the V3’s using the new Beta Firmware.


Thank you @carverofchoice and @WyzeJasonJ .

Back to normal here.

Only one v3 not responding in Google Home, but does work in the app. I relinked. This seems to be normal for me. Even before the issue, this one cam fails to connect. I will troubleshoot that one cam later. I use the app as my main access to the cams.

Thanks for the good news.


Thank you very much Wyze. My elderly parents are under care again.

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unlinked and relinked Wyze app in Google home, no change - All standard V3 cams updated with latest FW. ANy suggestions? This is on my iPhone but the actual Google Nest Hub is working again

Unfortunately, this seems to be a longstanding issue with iOS users of Google Home that has been discussed elsewhere on the Forum. Here’s one recent example:

I’m certainly no Apple fan, but I do experience a lot of vicarious frustration when I read about iOS-specific issues here.

I didn’t realise that was there - Thank you for bringing to my attention

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You’re welcome.

For whatever it’s worth, it’s not just this issue. I was just reading in another topic about a user who was able to achieve a different goal by using an Android phone when attempting the same operation was failing on iOS. Unfortunately, that’s just one of several more examples discussed in the Forum about iOS-specific problems with Wyze.

Anyone from Wyze support care to look at this post and respond please? Answered: Google Home app on iOS with Wyze products - Google Nest Community

This forum is a user community and is not intended to be an extension of official Wyze support, so Wyze support employees aren’t actively monitoring or officially helping in here, though there are some employees that do browse the forums and often help out…it’s still usually best to contact Wyze support officially.

Still, even as a volunteer (not a Wyze employee), I can tell you some things Wyze has officially said about similar issues. We reported an issue with Google Home having problems with the Wyze ecosystem on iOS over the winter because it was happening to a large number of users, and Wyze DID contact Google through their dedicated channels, only to figure out the issue was on Google’s side.

Your link showed you were talking about Google Home streaming issues on the Google Home iOS app.

For other viewers' convenience to stay in this forum, This is what I am responding to which was on the Googlenest community thread that was linked to

Official Wyze response from Wyze this winter when it was first reported:

I am sure it’s still part of the same issue. Hope that helps. Wish I had better news or a suggestion about how to get Google to care. :man_shrugging:

Thanks Carver, Sod this, i am just gonna give up, I have better things to do other than worry about broken interoperability and basically neither party willing to fix it regardless of who is at fault.