View wyze cams on phone via Alexa app

I’m not able to view my wyze cameras (V2) through the Alexa app on my android phone. When I ask Alexa on my phone to show me the driveway camera, Alexa says “Sorry, cameras do not work on this device.”

I can view the wyze cameras through the Wyze app on my phone, but no using the Alexa app…

My objective was to be able to speak to Alexa on my phone and have it show me the wyze camera live view.

Thanks for your help.


You need a Amazon Fire TV or Echo Show device for the intergation to work.

I know I can view the wyze cameras on my echo show.

What I want to do is view my wyze cameras on my galaxy s10 phone through the alexa app on that phone.

That is an Android device …not a Alexa device.
Good luck if there is away…?

That is your answer.
It doesn’t have anything to do with the camera. It’s Alexa. Google doesn’t display cameras on phones either.